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What should I expect at my first facial appointment?

Get excited! Healthy, glowing skin is on the way! For your first appt., extra time will be set aside for you to fill out some forms and for us to chit chat about your skin concerns and skin goals. We will come up with the best plan of action for your unique skin. Bring in a list of your current skincare, allergies and medications that you are currently on.


I am not sure what treatment to book?

 If you are a first time client, book the "Consultation without treatment" or the "Cloud 9 Signature Facial". The "Consultation without treatment" includes a thorough consultation to discuss your skin goals, current routine, skin history, lifestyle, and for you to ask any questions/concerns that you may have. From there we will customize and schedule a treatment plan and home care routine that best suits your unique skin and goals. 

The "Cloud 9 Signature facial" is a customized facial based on your skin concerns that we will discuss after your consultation. Extra time will be set aside for your first visit to Cloud 9 to discuss your skin goals, current routine, skin history, lifestyle, and questions you may have.

If you are a returning client and are not sure what to book next, feel free to contact Ashley via email or phone and she will be happy to guide you in the right direction! To avoid any confusion, we recommend pre-booking your next appointment at the end of your treatment.


What Products do you use?

 Only the best of course! At Cloud 9, Rhonda Allison is the star of the show. Rhonda Allison is a leading professional skin care company that offers to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and cosmeceutical customized home care products .The world-class biochemists at Rhonda Allison are in constant research to uncover the latest scientific advancements and next-generation ingredients, as well as new ways of using time-tested, proven ingredients. 

No dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances and over 98% of formulas are paraben free. Essential oils and the scent of plant extracts create the subtle elegant aroma of the products. All preservatives are essential oils, plant-derived, and free from toxins. And, No Animal Testing! Visit their website at


Can I shop for home care products?

 Yes! Absolutely! To get the most out of your facial treatments, it is sooo important to maintain your at-home skin care regime. Professional treatments and facials accelerate your home care routine. It is like going to a personal trainer once a month, but you don't continue to workout and eat healthy at home-you will not see results. Time will be set aside after your facial for Ashley to guide and recommend home care products. If you are out of a product or just need some product, you can book "Product Pickup" for a reserved time to come get your favorite Rhonda Allison products! You can always message us, and Ashley would be more then happy to deliver them to you locally. 

How often should I get a facial?

 Facial frequency depends on the condition of your skin and what your skin goals are. Typically every 3-6 weeks is what we recommend to see the best results. 


Can I get a facial if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

 Yes! Cloud 9 offers a specific facial that is safe for expecting and breastfeeding mamas. 

What is the difference between dermaplaning and microdermabrasion?

Both options are a form of physical exfoliation and a great way to enhance any facial. Dermaplaning removes vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells from the skin, microdermabrasion also exfoliates the surface of the skin by spraying crystals onto the skin through a hand piece, and then are vacuumed off simultaneously. The best option for you depends on your specific skin concerns and needs. Both exfoliating procedures have the potential to benefit your skin immensely, but if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have sensitive skin, microdermabrasion isn’t for you. If you’re currently suffering from an acne outbreak, dermaplaning will have to wait until your breakout subsides. Ashley will help guide you which treatment is best for your skin.


Will dermaplaning make the hair on my face grow back thicker and darker?

No. There are different types of hair that grow on the body; vellus hair (peach-fuzz) and terminal hair. Vellus hair (peach-fuzz) is found on the face, and the soft and fine vellus hair grows back at the same rate and texture.

What is High Frequency?

 High Frequency is a popular skincare treatment that is used to treat a variety of conditions, including acne management, enlarged pores and, fine lines and wrinkles. It oxygenates the surface of the skin, kills P. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels minimizing red inflamed skin. When applied to the skin, a mild electrical current passes through the neon gas filled glass electrode, causing it to emit a subtle glow, buzzing noise, and slight tingling effect on the skin.

Cloud 9 also offers a High Frequency scalp massage that rejuvenates the condition of the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair growth.


What is LED Light Therapy & is it safe?

 LED is the acronym for light-emitting diode, a device used to reduce acne, increase skin circulation, and improve the collagen content in the skin. LED technology is non-thermal, meaning it does not use heat. LED uses visible light such as blue, red and green. Different colors of light produce different effects on the skin. 

 Unlike other types of light therapy, LED Light Therapy does not contain ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to the skin. Therefore, LED therapy is suitable for regular use. LED therapy is also safe for all skin colors, and it doesn’t cause any burning.

Can I get a facial after recently receiving botox or filler?

It is best to wait at least 2 weeks for any facial treatments after receiving botox or filler in order to avoid any manipulation or shifting of the botox or filler beneath the skin.

Why can't I get a chemical peel on my first visit as a new client?

Because we truly care about the health of your skin and achieving the best results possible! Before receiving any chemical peels, it is mandatory that all clients be on a routine of products approved by Ashley. If the skin is not prepped properly prior to the peel, it is more likely for irritation to occur and for you to not see the results you could otherwise obtain with proper homecare. We want to make sure that you get the best results from the treatments that you’re investing in.

Do I really need to wear sunscreen daily?

 The answer is ALWAYS, Yes! Rain, sunshine or snow, you should always use sunscreen during the day. The sun's aging rays are always present. Save yourself from aging! When you come in, ask about our Daytime Defense SPF 30. It is an ultra-refined, broad spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin from environmental pollution and free radical damage. Using zinc oxide to provide a natural sun barrier, this clean, mineral-based cream glides on skin, without leaving a white or pasty film, for soothing moisture protection.

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